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科学家发现基因编辑法宝 或可治愈多种绝症

科学家发现基因编辑法宝 或可治愈多种绝症

本文摘要:Scientists have discovered how to edit DNA to repair broken genes to cure incurable diseases - and potentially extend human lifespan.科学家早已找到如何通过编辑DNA来修缮“损毁基因”,从而医治绝症并有可能缩短人类寿命。


Scientists have discovered how to edit DNA to repair broken genes to cure incurable diseases - and potentially extend human lifespan.科学家早已找到如何通过编辑DNA来修缮“损毁基因”,从而医治绝症并有可能缩短人类寿命。Until now, it has not been possible to alter genes in the brain, heart, liver and eyes - the root of many debilitating illnesses.目前为止人们还无法转变人体大脑、心脏、肝脏和眼睛的基因,而这正是许多可怕疾病的根源。Since the cells in these vital organs tend not to divide, it is difficult to gain access to make changes.由于这些最重要器官的细胞往往无法分化,因此对其完全无计可施。However, researchers at the Salk Institute claim to have landed on the holy grail of gene editing, which can delicately and smoothly cut through DNA.然而,索尔克研究所的研究人员声称,他们早已找到了基因编辑的法宝,可以精确并成功地截断DNA。

So far the technique, called HITI, has been used to successfully restore blindness in lab mice.这种技术被称作HITI,目前早已顺利应用于失聪的试验小鼠身上。Lead researcher Professor Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte insists that is nothing compared to the changes the technique could have in the decades to come.该研究领头人安.卡洛斯.依思皮舒.贝尔蒙兹教授指出,这项技术在未来几十年将带给无可比拟的转变。We are very excited by the technology we discovered because its something that could not be done before, Dr Belmonte said.贝尔蒙兹教授回应,“找到这项技术让我们深感十分激动,因为这是史无前例的。


”For the first time, we can enter into cells that do not divide and modify the DNA at will. The possible applications of this discovery are vast.“人类首次攻进了无法分化的细胞,并随便改动其DNA。这一找到具备极大的实用价值。

”News of the discovery comes a day after Chinese scientists successfully tested a similar DNA-modifying technique, known as CRISPR.该找到发布前一天,中国科学家顺利测试了一种类似于的DNA改建技术,被称作CRISPR。To date, CRISPR has been the most effective method for dividing cells in large organs like the skin or the gut.对皮肤、肠道等较小的器官来说,CRISPR是迄今为止最有效地的细胞再生方法。



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