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本文摘要:A technology company is developing a lie detector app for smartphones that could be used by parents, teachers - and internet daters.一家科技公司正在研发一款面向智能手机用户的检验软件,家长、教师甚至线上约会者都可以用于这款软件。


A technology company is developing a lie detector app for smartphones that could be used by parents, teachers - and internet daters.一家科技公司正在研发一款面向智能手机用户的检验软件,家长、教师甚至线上约会者都可以用于这款软件。The app measures blood flow in the face to assess whether or not you are telling the truth. Its developers say that it could be used for daters wanting to see if somebody really is interested in them.这款软件通过评估人体面部的血流状况来辨别受测者说出与否。研发者回应,线上交友者可以利用它辨别约会对象否知道对自己有兴趣。Parents could use it on their children to see if they are lying and teachers could work out which of their pupils are truthful.家长可以用这款软件来分析他们的孩子否说出,教师可以凭借它了解到哪些学生不具备真诚的品质。

The app is being developed by Toronto startup NuraLogix and the software is called Transdermal Optical Imaging.这款由多伦多的新兴公司NuraLogix 所研发的应用于全名是“透皮光学光学”。The idea is that different human emotions create different facial blood flow patterns that we have no control over. These patterns change if we are telling the truth or telling a lie.它的核心理念是——人类在各式情绪持续性不心态地构成适当的面部血流量模式,当人们说出时,这些模式就不会产生变化。

Using footage from the smartphone camera, the software will see the changes in skin colour and compare them to standardized results.利用智能手机的镜头,软件需要分析人脸肤色的变化,并将之与标准测量结果对照。A study from last year found that anger was associated with more blood flow and redness whilst sadness was associated with less of both.2015年的一项研究表明,人们在气愤时血流量更高,面部肿胀,而伤心时血流量则较低,面色偏白。Developmental neuroscientist Kang Lee, who has been researching the field for 20 years, said that the lie detector test will let you find out the truth ‘non-invasively, and remotely, and sometimes it can be covertly’.发育神经系统专家李康在此领域钻研了20年,他认为,这种测谎仪需要以一种“安全性远程,内敛不为人知”的方式找到真凶。

He said: ‘It could be very useful, for example, for teachers. A lot of our students have math anxiety but they do not want to tell us, because that’s embarrassing’.他说道:“这款软件也许能对一些人大有裨益,比如教师。我们有很多学生都有数学焦虑症,但他们却因难为情而不不愿告诉他我们。

”Lee added that the technology would not replace lie detectors used in a court of law. He said: ‘They want the accuracy to be extremely high, like genetic tests, so a one-in-a-million error rate.然而,李补足道,这项技术将会替换法庭上用于的测谎仪。他说道:“律界拒绝的检验精确度极为低,如基因测试一样,最多不能允许百万分之一的误差。”‘Our technique won’t be able to achieve an extremely high accuracy level, so because of that I don’t think it’s useful for the courts’.“我们的这项技术无法超过如此低的精确度,因此我指出它在法庭上将无用武之地。


”He added that it will be a few years before the dating app is available to consumers.他补足说道这款交友应用于将在几年后推上消费市场。



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