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本文摘要:The iPod and iPhone could soon be helping to teach people how to sing along to their favorite tracks under plans drawn up by Apple to turn the devices into mobile karaoke machines。


The iPod and iPhone could soon be helping to teach people how to sing along to their favorite tracks under plans drawn up by Apple to turn the devices into mobile karaoke machines。据英国《每日电讯报》21日报导,苹果计划将它的iPod 音乐播放器和 iPhone 智能手机转变成移动“卡拉ok”唱机,旋即这些小玩意儿就可以教教人们演唱自己青睐的歌曲了。It found worldwide success by inventing a device that transformed the way people listened to music.Now a patent application submitted by Apple has revealed its plans to help teach amateur singers how to hit the right pitch and key by iPpod and iPhone。苹果发明者的iPod音乐播放器在全球范围内大获得顺利,彻底改变了人们听音乐的习惯。

如今,苹果递交的一份专利申请回应,将通过iPod音乐播放器和iPhone智能手机来协助业余歌手准确掌控音高和音调。There is also good news for those forced to listen: the technology will be able to make off-key warbling sound in-tune。


这对于那些被动听得这些业余歌手唱歌的人来说无异于是一种福音,因为该技术需要让常常跑调的人寻找调子。The device will allow users to select their favorite songs to sing along to, displaying the words as a video on screen much like traditional karaoke machines。

这种设备将容许用户自由选择他们最青睐的歌曲回来唱出,并表明有歌词和视频画面,十分类似于传统的“卡拉ok”唱机。As the user sings, however, the iPod will analyze their voice, comparing it with how the song is supposed to sound and providing them with feedback if they are off key to help them correct their performance。但有所不同的是,使用者唱歌时,iPod需要分析他们的声音,并将其与歌曲准确的唱法展开核对。

如果跑调了,系统就不会及时给与对系统,从而协助歌唱者纠正错误。If the singer hits the pitch and key perfectly, then they will be rewarded by having their performance enhanced to give a concert hall effect that is pleasing to listen to。如果歌唱者的音高和音调掌控得很做到,就不会获得奖励,他们的声音就不会被转换成十分难听的音乐厅的效果。

But when they are off key or sing at the wrong pitch, the device will exaggerate their mistake so that they can hear it in a pair of earphones they are wearing。但是,当他们跑调或唱错音高时,这个设备就不会缩放他们的错误,这样他们就能从自己戴着的耳机中听见了。

The system would also be able to change the output from the speakers, if the singer was performing in front of an audience, so they did not have to endure bad singing. Instead it would fuzz the singer’s voice to disguise the fact they are off key。这个系统还能转变歌唱者传输到扬声器上的声音。如果歌唱者在观众面前演出,观众就可以不用再行承受差劲的歌声了。

因为这个系统不会“标记”歌唱者的歌声,这样观众就听不出他们跑调了。The patent also proposes allowing users to record their performances and edit them later, while a digital sound wave read out would also allow them to see how they had performed compared to the original。这项专利还容许用户录音自己的歌声,以便日后编辑。

同时,数字化音波还可使用户将他们的歌声与原唱展开对比。Apple refused to comment on how it intends to develop the patent and when its karaoke system will be available on the market, but the companys online music store sells music under a category of karaoke。苹果拒绝接受透漏研制这项专利的方法以及这个“卡拉ok”系统上市的时间,但是该公司的网络音乐商店已在贩卖卡拉ok类别的音乐。Tracks include popular karaoke favorites by artists such as MC Hammer, Blondie, The Beach Boys and Tina Turner。





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